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SECUR-ID™ Decon Banner Sign helps people be more cooperative and the whole process to run better with easy to understand instructions for using their SECUR-ID™ Decon Kits.


Whether an emergency incident scene (e.g. extreme weather event, chemical spill, terrorist attack, etc.) or outside of a hospital, an important key to the successful processing of ambulatory individuals through a decontamination process is clear, concise communication and instructions. In high stress situations, that successful processing can be hindered by the following:

    • People will be confused.
    • People will be upset, agitated and, maybe, terrified by the event and the “unknowns.”
    • People will most likely have never been trained, nor had any experience in the aftermath of an emergency incident.
    • People may not understand verbal instructions in any language other than their own.
    • People will be alarmed at the sight of a First Responder or Receiver who might be wearing a respirator mask. Moreover, the respirator mask can muffle and block verbal instructions.

To that end, people will be more cooperative and the whole process will run better when they are given instructions that they can understand. One answer is the SECUR-ID™ Decon Banner Sign.

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