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Meet Our Team | Greenwich Safety Inc.

Meet Our Team

Quonset Point:

Janet, Sales  Janet I. Cary

I feel so excited to be working for a company that truly cares about their customers and employees. I am looking forward to a long future with this great team!


 Sam, Manager  Samantha Rathke

 I love working at the Fairwater Store for Greenwich Safety! My co workers and customers are like my extended family! Great people and great merchandise to sell!

New London:

 Rebecca Sorrels

“I worked retail for over 8 years and by far, working for the Fairwater Store has been the most rewarding experience. Between managing the store and helping friendly faces everyday, the job is amazing. I enjoy connecting with the customers and love to hear what they have to say. The staff is amazing and its top notch friendly care that you can’t get anywhere else.”


Groton Shipyard:

Groton Shipyard Fairwater Store Manager: Shannon Small

 Greenwich Safety Headquarters:

Lindsay, Marketing Manager  Lindsay Schlossberg

In this digital age, Greenwich Safety strives to maintain a balance between staying on the forefront of technology and preserving the personalized customer experience a traditional brick and mortar store provides. I am excited to grow our online presence and bring our superior service and products to customers near and far.

Michael, Shipping and Receiving  Michael Guelce

I really enjoy working for this company. We are like the dream team of safety and we get it done. #Family


 Jared Rowan, Shipping and Receiving



Being here for over 15 years, I have been fortunate enough to see our company change and grow. The main component, I feel, is because of our outstanding team!

Rachel, Vice President

Jared J. Greenless
Vice President


“I have been with Greenwich Safety since nearly the very beginning. To me, the most fascinating part of our business is the strong relationships we have built with everyone we do business with. All of us here truly believe that if you want a good solid foundation and a successful business, it absolutely has to be with people you trust and like to work with. At Greenwich Safety, we take so much pride in our dedication to our customers. Over the years I have had the most fortunate opportunity to watch our company grow and change. We have added some lines and changed our building but our core values and beliefs have never wavered. I look forward to the future of our company and the promising successes on the horizon! Thank you for visiting our website!”

Rachel, Vice President

Rachel I. Stewart


This year marks Greenwich Safety’s 21st year of business, providing safety products, services and expertise to a lot of wonderful customers. So, on behalf of all of us here at Greenwich Safety … thanks again to all of our customers for your continued business & support! We truly appreciate it!


Greenwich Safety (1998)


Greenwich Safety has come a long way from opening our doors in a small building on Main Street in East Greenwich, RI. What hasn’t changed, though, is that from the very start we believed that our customers deserved more from us than our simply being a seller of “stuff”. Our Greenwich Safety team was committed to serving our customers with the highest level of customer care, specializing in providing cost-effective pricing and right-application products to meet our customers’ specific needs and helping to save money for our customers.


Greenwich Safety (2019)


Today, Greenwich Safety’s main office is located in a much larger building and our many team members help customers in many states across the country and the world. Greenwich Safety provides our customers today with not only safety products but also industrial supplies, work apparel and customized clothing. Greenwich Safety now also makes the patented line of SECUR-ID™ products, including SECUR-ID™ pre-post decon kits for fire departments, emergency management agencies and homeland security departments, as well as SECUR-ID™ patient property bags & patient property kits for hospitals and healthcare facilities. In short, Greenwich Safety is helping more customers with more products and with more Greenwich Safety team members than ever before. However, our commitment to our customers remains the same today as it was from the day we opened our doors … to serve our customers with the highest level of customer care … and we look forward to continuing to do so for the next twenty years & beyond!


Greenwich Safety President

Kevin W. Simon